photography by Ingrid Bonne

Tracey Ellert’s story begins in Connecticut. It’s where she heard her first story. But things didn’t get particularly interesting in Connecticut until Tracey began to speak, in sentences — and tell her own stories. Her family remembers the first went something like this, “Shannon did it.”

It’s not so much what she said, as how she said it.

So Tracey was given plenty of alone time to nurture her natural talent. She found her room was filled with stories. Stories stuffed in toys. Stories cast in shadows. And stories cloaked as mysterious sounds. They were everywhere. Battles were won, heroic accomplishments achieved — and her audience was always adulatory.

A good and eager student Tracey was soon writing with Mom as her first editor — suggesting subjects like “Why Shannon is so Much Trouble”. At least that’s how Tracey remembers it. (see)

Fortunately Tracey’s solitary ventures weren’t her only exposure to stories, for stories were a big part of the Ellert Family’s entertainment. And this is how Tracey quite naturally learned to make a good story.

Call Tracey directly at 773-841-2944 for more of her story.

Customized performances for notable occasions and scheduled appearances. Wherever children gather — Tracey will go!

If you are in the Chicago area and want to see Tracey tell a story come to the Brown Cow Ice Cream Parlor Tuesdays 11AM in Forest Park, Illinois.
Bring the kids and join the audience of children, moms, dads and caregivers for 45 minutes of free fun.

If you can’t come to see a story, you a can still hear some of her stories being told by John Kennedy’s puppets at  Activity TV.

Tracey's credits include performance and writing for both live shows and television:

Weekly Live Game Show Host Extra Technician Tracey
on "Body Parts" at Children's Memorial Hospital Chicago,
Dancy Nancy
"Jack's Big Music Show" on Noggin

"Follies" & "Winter time in Bunnytown"
"Bunnytown" Disney,
"Mel's Super Swell Dance Party"

"Jack's Big Music Show" Noggin, "Puppets" Activity TV.

For six years Tracey’s 45-minute interactive show has been the main form of entertainment at private parties in homes, party rooms and outdoor venues. With material tailored for the age of the audience, she can even work up something special to complement your party’s theme!

Private Parties
Daycare Centers
In-Home Daycares
Elementary Schools
Summer Camp
Silent Auction Fundraisers
Company Picnics and Holiday Parties
Sunday Services
Nursing Homes

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