Enrichment Program for Daycares and Preschools

Aimed at the Preschool age group, Tracey Ellert’s Roving Reader Program’s main mission is to help build a foundation of interest in and curiousity about learning to read.

She does this through a program of Improvisational Story Telling that encourages Language Development. By engaging in “meaning-filled” language with children we invest them with an interest in learning language in all its forms. We improved the chance of them really wanting to read and write when the time comes because they’ve experienced language in a positive way. That is as a way to exchange their ideas with others.

The primary focus is on Expressive and Receptive Language Development. Improvisational Storytelling engages children intellectually, physically and emotionally in a unique way that quite naturally extends the learning into areas of Social/Emotional Development, Cognitive Development and Physical Development.

Using more than words, her stories are told using props, gestures, and expressions that physically represent the subject and describe the action. This helps children to remember because it connects words with their meaning by using several of their senses. As the storytelling connects words to things, actions and emotions, children learn to put their thoughts into words; to communicate in words; to understand verbal ideas.

The subjects of Miss Ellert's original stories start with the familiar then expand to introduce new words and concepts. Improvisation lets the flow of a story be adapted to both the developmental stage and the situational needs of a specific group. Improvisation also creates opportunities for children to demonstrate their comprehension as they participate in actually developing the story.

All together this method of storytelling builds children's awareness of themselves and others. It develops comprehension and self confidence. It rewards creativity and curiosity.

Caregivers are encouraged to observe her Listen and Respond techniques for tips on how to practice language in the course of their daily routine.

In 2007 Tracey began regular visits to 25 Chicago in-home daycares as the Roving Reader. For this early literacy program Tracey developed her material into a six part curriculum focused on expressive and receptive language.

This program can add extra value to the services you as a care provider have to offer your clients.
Consultation on how to incorporate fun learning into your daily routines.
Suggestions for working with the group dynamic of your children.
Opportunity for staff to observe their children in a more relaxed fashion.
Onsite demonstration or storytelling workshops for staff training.

Call Tracey for workshops or regularly scheduled visits at 773-841-2944

Sí, se habla español.

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